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About Qicon

Being a pioneer in software training, Qicon is rated as the best in the top Training institutes in Hyderabad. With more than two decades of experience, Qicon stood as an iconic symbol for providing high-quality training for professionals in the software market.

Qicon was established in the year 2012, with a motto to provide great learning opportunities for every knowledge-seeking individual from anywhere around the globe. We started this company with the aim to break the barriers in the education system and provide world-class Training for anyone out there who has a thirst for learning. Our vision is to fill the gap between the job market and a bright job-seeking aspirant.

Our target audience includes individuals who want to pursue a career in tech and make a contribution to the tech industry. Our Plan is to provide real-time training on multiple software courses and make them accessible to people around the world. Alongside this, we are focusing on providing Top notch training which adds value to the learning curve of our aspirants. We also want to ensure that every individual who enrolls in our courses shall excel in their career and emerge as a valuable asset to their company.

Why Choose Us ?

Globally Consistent Standards

With experienced training faculty and a Top-notch Training facility, Qicon maintains consistent global standards in delivering software courses to the pursuant.

High Quality Courses

Qicon is a Market leader in providing a range of training courses with expert professionals by including the Real time scenarios.

Learning Methodology

Qicon provides both offline and online courses to best suit the convenience of professionals. Recording sessions in our servers will add value to your learning.

Competitive Pricing

Qicon is well-known for the quality of the courses with its competitive pricing as well. Unparallel pricing is the key factor for our success in the market.

Thriving for Success

Qicon provided real-time software training for more than 50000 participants in the last decade with a passion to achieve success.

Placement Assistance

Qicon is a global firm that influences your career by opening the doors to a plethora of opportunities in top companies. We take pride in your placements.

Who we are ?

Qicon is a leading training organization, that has been providing a range of software courses to individuals aiming for a bright future in tech.

Qicon is your one-stop destination for landing a career in the tech industry. The courses that we provide will make you job-ready and excel in your job. Qicon provides you the opportunity to work on hands-on projects and courses that are job-market-relevant.

Qicon will provide you a course completion certificate once you complete one of our courses, proving to potential employers your competency in real-world situations.