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Data Science in Hyderabad


The Data Science course in Hyderabad teaches you the art of extracting data from different sources that are used in business for gaining meaningful insights. It combines knowledge from subjects like maths, statistics, AI, and computer sciences. In this field, a large amount of data is gathered from different sources, analyzed, organized, and prepared to derive meaningful insights for various business purposes. The outcome of these results is utilized in crucial business functions such as decision-making, and business growth & expansion. 

Looking for Data Science training in Hyderabad? 

Qicon is the best institute for data science in Hyderabad, which teaches machine learning, data visualization, deep learning, mathematics, programming, and the use of various data science tools. 

This course is best suitable for students interested in maths, statistics, data analysis, visualization, and employees looking for career growth.


Our Data science course in Hyderabad with placement assistance offers high level expert training with live interactive sessions, workshops with real-time examples and projects to dive you into the world of data science. Through blended teaching model they inculcate data science online training in Hyderabad, virtual classes and e-learning. Every session will be recorded. Learners can access the website and watch the recorded sessions at their convenience. On successful course completion, you will be certified as a data scientist.

Live projects will help you apply your learning material in real-time using different tools of data science. Engage in visualization and data analytics through case studies, assignments, and research oriented workshops. Special webinars will help you gain insights from top data scientists from the field.

Our data science training in Ameerpet offers regular mock tests, and weekly assignments to help you track your progress and achieve your learning objectives faster.

Placement assistance is offered post-training, which includes resume building, interview tips, mock interviews, and communication training. This will make you industry-ready to crack any interview with confidence. 

Our curriculum is entirely industry-based that explains each topic using specialized case studies. We also offer WhatsApp support, where you can ask questions and get answers right away. Our alumni will guide you in your career by sharing their experiences and providing you with tips to crack interviews with top tech companies across the globe.

On completing the course successfully, you will be able to extract data from different sources using data science tools and analyze data using statistical tools. You can apply for roles like data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, and ML Engineer.

Enroll in our data science training institute in Ameerpet and master the field of data science in a fun way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The increase in big data and technology is leading to the expansion of data science leading to an increase in job opportunities. 

It is related to the IT sector as data scientists handle big data from top tech companies. 

Google generates big data daily and requires data scientists to handle this data efficiently.

Student Feedback

Awesome experience' the course offers wide range of content in data science. I found it very well structured and able to introduce different aspects of the daily life of a data scientist.
It was a wonderful experience.the best way you to learn it is Very professional, awesome experience Anusha mam taught in a practical way On the whole , very useful oriented session.
I had a really good learning experience in Data Science at Qicon. My aim was to learn Data Science right from the basics as I was complete novice to coding prior to joining the course.

Lesson : 40 to 45 session

Duration : 60 minutes

Skill level : All level

Class : Online & Offline

Resume Preparation : Yes

Interview Guidance : Yes

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