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Power Bi Training In Hyderabad


The power bi SQL course teaches you to retrieve data from SQL server and create attractive reports and visualizations. SQL power bi course offers the methods by which power bi can retrieve data, including a direct query to create dashboards, and reports. Power bi has a wide range of methods for modelling data that help users transform data from SQL server databases to fulfil needs such as filtering, sorting, and merging the data. 



Come enroll in Qicon’s trending power bi SQL course which is the new trend in the market. We train you from basic to advanced levels. We introduce you to the environment of data, databases, and database management system software, further teaching you the types of databases. As you build a strong foundation, we will train you on SQL server, its uses, advantages and disadvantages, and versions. During the power bi SQL course, your performance will be tracked through assignments and workshops. As you proceed, you will be trained by experts from the field through special webinar sessions on an advanced level. Expert mentors will train on SQL server editions, real-time usages, server components, and their usages. 

Real-time case studies will help you learn, understand and apply your knowledge in real time. By the end of the power bi SQL course, we will provide you with a live project experience, guided by expert mentors that will help you validate your overall learning experience. We believe in a blended learning model, and hence offer online classes, classroom training, and E-learning material to make your learning experience complete in itself.

Our special support team is ever-ready to help you with your doubts through WhatsApp support, call, or email. Through assignments, weekly assessments, workshops, and special interactive sessions with experts enjoy your learning process by abandoning traditional learning methods. 

We believe in your dreams of becoming a power bi developer and support you with our pre-placement training through mock interviews, resume building, training on communication skills, and confidence-building sessions by trainers to help you crack the interview with top corporate companies and begin your career with a boom! 

On successful completion of the power bi SQL course, you will be certified as a power bi developer trained in retrieving data from SQL server, connecting SQL server with power bi to import data, and complete knowledge of SQL server, version editions, database types, query editor, importing and merging datasets, designing and building dashboards, and a live project experience to enhance your overall skills related to power bi sql server. Come enroll in Qicon’s power bi SQL course and begin your journey of becoming a power bi developer today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft offers a service for business analytics called Power BI. It offers dynamic visualisations with self-service business intelligence features so that customers may build their own reports and dashboards independently of any IT personnel or database administrator. The Power BI certification course teaches students how to use Power BI Services, a cloud-based BI service, and Power BI Desktop, a desktop-based interface. It offers data modelling features like interactive dashboards, data discovery, and data preparation.

You can learn Microsoft Power BI and become an expert in the tool. It will help you develop your abilities by giving you in-depth knowledge of Power BI and the necessary practical experience for handling Power BI projects that are based on actual industry problems. You also require the counsel of a professional who is already employed in the field and dealing with genuine difficulties. You will get these skills by enrolling in Edureka’s top Power BI course. Our knowledgeable professors will train you on the following during the Power BI course:

  • Understand ideas like integration and data visualisation.
  • Learn about Power View, Power Map, and other tools.
  • Recognize DAX and SSBI.
  • Use and apply custom visuals.

For all the professionals who are enthusiastic about business intelligence, data visualisation, and data analytics, Qicon offers Microsoft Power BI training. It works best for:

  • Beginning professionals
  • Enterprise Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Statisticians and Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Project Managers

Student Feedback

I joined for Power BI course. My learning experience with Qicon Institute has been excellent. The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. This was a great course for a beginner.
Qicon is a very good institute to learn software development technologies. Our trainer, Ashok sir he is a best trainer and helps every student during the course, we got to practice and code daily with sir.
I love their training and the quality of education is excellent. Must visit highly recommend for everyone. I am very happy with their service outstanding training is provided to the trainees, loved it.

Lesson : 40 to 45 session

Duration : 60 minutes

Skill level : All level

Class : Online & Offline

Resume Preparation : Yes

Interview Guidance : Yes

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