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Manual Testing

The technique of manually testing and inspecting programming applications for flaws or errors is known as manual testing. In manual testing, trials are carried out physically by an analyzer without the aid of any computerised testing equipment

A software testing tool for software applications is called Tosca Automation. The top Tosca course training in Hyderabad is provided by Qicon, with top-notch instruction covering all essential abilities.

The open source Selenium testing tool automates web browsers by providing a connection point that enables you to create test scripts in a variety of programming languages, including Ruby, Java, NodeJS, Python, C#, and a lot more.

Data extraction from diverse applications that are created and supported by many suppliers, managed and administered by various individuals using various technologies, is referred to as ETL. The finest location in Hyderabad for ETL Testing Course Training is Qicon.

We provide the most comprehensive online API testing training programme available, as well as classroom instruction that focuses on all key facets of API testing using the SoapUI and Postman tools. You can advance your career thanks to this course.

Performance testing is a method for evaluating software that measures a software application’s responsiveness, scalability, stability, and resource utilisation in response to a certain workload.

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Full-stack developers are multi-talented which every company wants. Full-stack developers are responsible for front-end and back-end web development.

full-stack Python developer knows how to use the Python programming language suite for all types of projects. Python is a general-purpose high-level programming language that may be used to handle both structured and unstructured data.

Microsoft .NET is a Framework which provides a common platform to Execute and Run the applications developed in various programming languages. It supports various types of applications, such as Windows-based applications and Web-based applications. 

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Candidates who enrol in the Salesforce Training Program at Qicon, Hyderabad, will learn how to use the Salesforce software under the guidance of our knowledgeable mentors. We provide you with hands-on Salesforce instruction using Apex Development Platform, Salesforce Lightning Development,  and Salesforce App Builder.

The goal of Qicon’s Snowflake training in Hyderabad is to show you how to use Snowflake to create, set up, maintain, and run a data warehouse on top of the cloud. You can load and convert data with Snowflake, expand virtual warehouses for parallelism and speed, share data, and work with semi-structured data.

The most comprehensive Data Science course accessible on the market is provided by Qicon, Hyderabad. The entire Data Science lifecycle is covered in the training, including data collection, data extraction, data cleansing, data exploration, data mining, data visualisation, and customer deployment.

Our power automate training in Hyderabad, trains you from basics to advanced levels. Initially, you will be introduced to the power automate environment, followed by basics such as connectors, loops, and templates. 

Power apps are used to build a custom-based app for different purposes such as employee feedback sheets, LMS, and daily-to-do lists. It helps you access your data stored in different data storages like SharePoint, Microsoft 365, and so on.

The Power BI SQL course teaches you to retrieve data from SQL server and create attractive reports and visualizations. SQL Power BI course offers the methods by which power bi can retrieve data, including a direct query to create dashboards, and reports.

Our SaS Clinical training in Hyderabad is known for special webinar sessions, where you can interact with real-time experts from the pharmaceutical and medical fields. These sessions will help you interact with experts and learn from their real-time experiences that will guide you in the journey of becoming a clinical trial programmer. 

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